Advantages of Steel Framed Farm Buildings

Advantages of Steel Framed Buildings

The UK’s recent bad weather has proved a powerful reminder of the importance of having strong and durable farm buildings. The key to ensuring that your farm buildings are economically viable and long lasting remains in choosing high quality materials that can resist threats to its longevity. Often appearing in residential structures, steel framed buildings are being used more commonly in industrial buildings and agricultural sheds. Below, we look at some of the advantages of using steel framed buildings in more detail.

The Beneficial Properties of Steel

The advantages of using steel to construct buildings are numerous. Touted as a ‘green’ construction material, steel doesn’t emit any toxic chemicals and doesn’t cause any environmental damage. Furthermore, to farmers looking for clever, bespoke structures, steel is easily manipulated and amenable to almost any design. That’s why we can create bespoke orders to suit your needs.

Perhaps most significantly, as steel is an inorganic material, buildings constructed with it are resistant to mould. Mould requires moisture and oxygen to survive, searching for a damp space from which to draw nutrients, digesting carpet, wood or paper before taking hold of its surroundings. As steel doesn’t hold moisture and features primarily in constructions that are tightly built using bolts and screws, it doesn’t provide any of the qualities necessary to support fungus, mould, mildew or other microorganisms.

Steel is also happily resistant to termites. Unlike timber frames that cannot be completely protected from pests, steel frames are completely impermeable to mites of any kind. As termites only eat wood, they have no interest in metals like steel, meaning you will never have to face the cost of an annual inspection or expose your family and livestock to the unpleasantness of a chemical treatment spray. Not only is steel easily installed without much equipment, as it does not disintegrate or distort, buildings made from this material resist damage, require less maintenance and are more durable.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Steel Buildings?

Whilst there are many companies happy to provide you with a quote and then supply and build your steel structures, relative to its benefits steel is actually one of the more cost-effective materials available on the market. Steel can also help reduce your energy bills. An excellent conductor of heat, steel framed buildings are usually very warm, especially in winter, making them great for combating the traditional stereotype of the draughty farm building.

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