Agricultural building for Mangrove Farming in Bedfordshire

We designed, manufactured and supplied this 30m x 15m x 6m agricultural building for Mangrove Farming in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside.

Concrete panels, manufactured and supplied by sister company Concrete Panel Systems, were 90mm thick, to a height of 1m and used for an internal partition as well as the sides and one gable end. In addition, Castle Boarding was chosen and we think it looks great.

A natural grey fibre cement roof was fitted with 24 roof lights and galvanised steel was used.

We got in touch with our customer at Mangrove Farming to learn more about this 30 acres sheep farm which has been in operation for 5 years and to get feedback on the building supplied.

Please could you tell us more about your farm?

“We have a sheep business breeding high bloodline romneys, growing cade lambs and also a flock of pedigree Cotswolds – one of only 100 flocks in the UK. We also grow high quality hay.”

What is the purpose of your new building?

“We needed secure storage for all of our sheep enterprise equipment. The covered front half of the shed is a feeding and loafing area for inclement weather and lambing.”

Were there any specific material or design requirements for the build?

“Yes, we wanted to keep the building as in keeping as possible to the local environment. The castle boarding provides good weather proofing, doesn’t encourage condensation and we think looks good from the outside. We specified metal eaves purlins to prevent sag of the heavier castle boarding over time and galvanised is a no brainer for longevity of the shed. The cost verses the extra life of the shed is negligible. We also are based in a very windy area so we over specced all of the metalwork.”

Why did you choose Graham Heath Construction?

“Reputation, price, and one of the design features were the galvanised gutters which we liked. Some building companies won’t do anything other than a very rough quote before you pay a hefty deposit but GH deposit was lower and came a lot further down the line.”

Are there any features of your building that you are particularly pleased with?

“The overall impact we love”

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