Aircraft Hangar for Armshold Farm in Cambridge

When Mike Beadman bought Armshold Farm in the South Cambridgeshire countryside around 18 months ago, it was in need of restoration. The land and buildings had been ignored for a few years and asbestos was discovered! This has all now been cleared and the 34-acres farm is set to grass for haylage and leased out to a local farmer.

In the future, Mike and his family plan to live on site, as he is in the process of building a house there. His business aim is to manage the farm himself and start an aircraft importing business – the farm has a 400m runway through the middle of it! The agricultural land will then be managed using contractors to cut and remove the hay.

To support these projects, Mike needed a building to store aircraft, small farm equipment and building materials for the house build and in the longer term to store 6 aircraft/helicopters.

Mike ordered a 20m x 23m x 3m building from us here at Graham Heath Construction. As one of the aims of the build was for helicopter storage, we needed to make a 3.6m high by 11m wide sliding door to handle up to around 10m wingspans. In addition, the ridge height needed to be as low as possible to avoid the building being in view from the new house.

Green painted steel and cladding were chosen. Concrete panels from sister company Concrete Panel Systems were fitted to both sides and gable ends, which were 90mm thick and to a height of 1m.

We asked Mike a few more questions about the service and building received as follows:

Why did you choose Graham Heath Construction?

“Recommendation, willingness to listen to ideas to lower the ridge height and come up with a cost-effective solution for the doors.”

Are there any features of your building that you are particularly pleased with? 

“Main doors are perfect and a much better design than hangers I have seen elsewhere. Top hung also avoids the rollers being in grit and water.”

How has Graham Heath Construction made a difference?

“Friendly and no hidden extras.  Competitor quotes came with pages of assumptions and requirements and lists of ‘extras’ that should have been in the costs – whereas from memory I think the Graham Heath quote had a simple 1-page terms note.  The final cost was exactly the amount quoted from the start.”

Any other comments?

“So far, I have recommended Graham Heath to two local farmers.  If my aircraft business goes well, I will need a higher spec second building as a workshop (insulated etc) and will be straight back to Graham Heath to help.”

We are delighted to have another happy customer who is recommending us to other farmers and wish Mike all the best with his new aircraft business. I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re discussing the workshop project.

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