Calf Housing Grant

🐄Calf Housing Grant🐄

The Calf housing for Health and Welfare grant states building must provide a good ambient environment with good air quality temperature and humidity.

The grant is funding between £15,000 – £500,000 per application , being 40% of the eligible costs of the project.

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We have a number of options to help improve ventilation in the buildings to reduce the key factors like; excess heat, vapour, dust & gases.

You need to carefully consider the roofing, ridge and cladding options for your building to suit your system and to avoid heat stress in the warmer months.

Here at Graham Heath Construction we can help you build your next bespoke building offering a range of options to create the ideal building for your herd.

Fibre Cement roof-  This proves to be the most popular for agricultural buildings, allowing natural ventilation and absorbing some condensation. They also come in a vast array of colours; Natural Grey, Jasper, Anthracite, Juniper Green, Black, Slate Blue, Van Dyke Brown.

Fibre cement roof are also compatible with a vast range of ridges and accessories to suit every building type/use.

NEW Heat Guard Polycarbonate roof – This innovative new material is designed to help with animal welfare and energy saving benefits. With high light transmission, excellent heat reduction and thermal insulation, this material is perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint  and improved cow comfort.

Next let’s move onto Ridge options

  • Lightridge – designed to improve ventilation in livestock buildings and improve natural light transmission. Toughened waterproof PVC roof panels and wind guide plates will withstand most weather conditions.
  • GHC Raised Ridge System – with this flexible system that can be set at a height determined to suit your cattle, the raised ridge system allows airflow were most buildings will accumulate warm, moist and stale air. The ‘Cap’ projects the inside from the rain whilst efficiently allowing the air to flow.
  • Open Protected – With importance of airflow comes the importance of natural light which this ridge system offers. With a polycarbonate strip to minimise the driving rain, allowing natural light and potential to minimize the risk of heat stress on your cattle.

Next lets talk about the Cladding …

Yorkshire Boarding is the most popular with livestock buildings. Installed with a 25mm-50mm gap allowing airflow through the building. Providing important ventilation in  the building to help remove heat, moisture and even bugs!

Most of the livestock buildings that we manufacture are left open on one side with a 4ft 6’’ cantilever, this provides ventilation and an area for the cattle to feed with easy access for machines.


Concrete panel walling ensure a study walling for livestock and crops, the come in an option of sizing with 90mm thick concrete panel for livestock and 140mm thick panels for crop storage.

A modern farm shed such as this ticks all the boxes in terms of efficiency, lighting and ventilation ensuring a clean and heathy environment for cattle to be housed.

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