Can I Construct My Own Steel Framed Building?

Livestock building. cattle shed. steel frame building

In the world of farming, steel framed buildings are a common sight. Providing a solid, large structure, which is affordable and quick to erect, it’s no surprise that the demand for steel framed constructions persists.

With many farmers requiring custom builds while looking to keep costs to a minimum, it’s understandable that a large number of people are keen to look into the possibility of constructing steel framed buildings themselves. While this is entirely possible, there are a number of hurdles, which they must jump if they are keen to do so. Ultimately, the number of boxes, which must be ticked and the risk, which is run by cutting corners, is enough to push the vast majority of farmers to enlist professional help.

Insuring Your Property

Insurance plays a large role in commercial property today, offering farmers peace of mind when it comes to the structures and equipment, which keep them in work from day to day. Of course, insurance firms like to work with certainties and know that risks are minimised. While you might be confident in your ability to construct a safe and lasting structure, it’s usually a lot more difficult to convince insurers that this is the case. Using a professional service is sure to keep your premiums low.

Quality Assurance

Graham Heath Construction offers a number of easy solutions to cater to your preferred requirements. Having your farm buildings constructed by us will ensure that they are erected by professionals that are familiar with the designs and materials. With our wealth of experience and expertise we can save you time, leaving you free to manage the day-to-day operations of your farm.

Easy to Erect Kit Frames

There are many benefits to enlisting the help of somebody who knows what they’re doing, but if you’re set on carrying out the construction work off your own back then there is still an option which helps to hold onto a number of these benefits. Purchasing a kit frame from us is an equally sound choice. You have the freedom to construct your building using your own team at a time that suits you. Our kit framed buildings are so easy to erect we are confident that you will look forward to the process. All of the items are numbered and match the drawings provided. It is like putting together a meccanno set.

Following a tried and tested, numbered, drawing plan will also reduce the chance of errors occurring during the building process, which could cost you time and, ultimately, money. Whether you choose to have your buildings constructed by us or opt to construct them yourself you can rest safe in the knowledge that with either option you are getting a high quality, fully CE certified structure.