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GHC’s modern building structures deliver improved profitability, efficiency and size to rural outfit


About the project

Rural outfit Simon Heath needed a range of buildings to improve the efficiency and functionality of their business. As well as 2-3 dairy buildings, Simon Heath also invested in 2 cattle yards, 2 covered loading sheds and a steel building and it was their need for a bespoke design which led them to Graham Heath Construction (GHC).

By choosing GHC, they were able to invest in buildings that complemented each other and built a unified appearance at their site. As the company explained:

“We wanted the buildings to be built in a bespoke fashion. They needed to fit together seamlessly and this was something we discussed with the GHC team during the planning stage.”

GHC listened to Simon Heath’s requirements and ensured that the buildings they provided all fitted together perfectly when entering the construction phase. This hands-on approach so early on in the project ensured that the end result was exactly what Simon Heath wanted and reduced the risk for problems or errors.

Now that the work is complete, Simon Heath claim they are benefiting from a larger operation size, improved profitability and increased efficiency.

“The new buildings have allowed us to become bigger, better stronger,” they said.


Quality at the right price

As well as respecting GHC’s positive attitude and hands-on approach towards the project, Simon Heath also valued the good value for money which they offered. They explained that GHC offered quality at “the right price” and provided prices quotes quickly and efficiently.

“GHC are very easy to deal with,” said Simon Heath.

“They outline a guide price quickly and work just as quickly to produce preliminary drawings that allow you to see how everything is going to fit together. They always come back to your promptly with the right idea and that ensures you get the results you want.”


Guaranteed results

Simon Heath was so impressed with the overall quality and affordability offered by GHC that they actually chose them over a competitor whom they’d used for 5 or 6 buildings before.

Speaking about their decision to choose GHC, Simon Heath explained that it was the firm’s friendly service and high-quality results that won them over.

“We tried a project with GHC because they could complete it on time and provided all the plans and assistance we needed.”

They also explained that GHC’s diverse range of services meant they have come to reliable on them more than ever. Simon Heath now gets everything from steel to concrete panels from GHC and has recommended their services to many people following their satisfaction with their work.

“We use them for everything now and they have become a one-stop shop because of all the different services they offer,” said Simon Heath.

“We are confident that when we choose GHC for a project they will get it right with quality results, affordable prices and approachable staff guaranteed. We have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so.”

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