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GHC create revolutionary milking parlour to streamline production and boost revenue

About the project

Dairy expert Rod McBean wanted to construct a revolutionary milking parlour that would streamline his business and improve efficiency. Although the end result was not the first robotic milking shed, it was the first of its kind and consisted of a single span building that could incorporate everything that was required in the milking process beneath one roof.

“We didn’t want any fillers or posts getting in the way of what we were trying to achieve,” explained Rod when discussing the project and its plans. This meant that the design stage of the project was particularly important – something which Graham Heath Construction (GHC) were deeply involved in.

They worked with Rod to develop a suitable solution to his require- ments and provide him with a fully-functional and revolutionary automatic milking parlour which streamlined production and boosted revenue. “It improved our business operations because everything could be put under one roof,” Rod explained. “It certainly made life easier on a day-to-day basis by streamlining production to reduce waste.”

Speed is of the essence

Discussing GHC’s involvement in the project, Rod explained that he was most impressed with the firms speed and accuracy.
“The speed with which they processed the order was phenomenal,” he said. “We wanted a contractor who could do the whole project, rather than outsourcing different parts to different firms, and GHC had it designed, fabricated and onsite within a matter of days.” This saved Rod vital time and money; making him thankful that he was advised to choose GHC by Pryce Roberts and didn’t opt for other locally-based options.

“One or two competitors based locally wouldn’t have managed to get the buildings onsite for a matter of months, if not years,” said Rod. “GHC managed it exceptionally quickly – with great accuracy too – and I was glad we chose to use them over other local businesses.”

Well-deserved praise

Thanks to the work of GHC, Rod now has a fully-functioning milking parlour that is at the front of innovation – and he’s proud to tell everyone who is responsible for its design.

“People often ask and admire the construction of the milking parlour so I tell them that GHC was responsible for it,” he said

“They deserve the praise and I’m really impressed with the end result of my work with GHC.”



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