Case Study: A new grain store for the Tuckwell family in Milton Keynes

Steel frame building with concrete panels

One of our valued customers and agents, Mr. Tuckwell got in touch when he started thinking about a new 1000T Grain Store for his farm in Milton Keynes. He took advantage of a promotion we have running on an 80’ x 60’ x 20’ that included all steelwork, concrete panels to a height of 3m, roof, end and side cladding as well as purlins and rainwater goods!

1000T Grain Store with galvanised steel

We went to visit Mr Tuckwell on his family run Saldon Crabtree Farm which has been in operation since 1976.  He kindly told us all about his business, why he chose Graham Heath Construction and how we have made a difference.

What is the type of your business?

“Large scale agricultural contracting and farming within a 25-mile radius of Milton Keynes”

What is the size of your site?

Mr Tuckwell owns 76 acres and with his contracting covers 3,800 acres in total

What are the services you offer?

The Tuckwell family business offers agricultural contracting services to the livestock/arable sector as well as fencing and plant services e.g. Grab lorries and road sweepers

What is your business aim/vision?

“To sustain a profitable agricultural business”

What is the reason for and purpose of your new building?

“Arable expansion, need more grain storage”

Were there any specific material or design requirements for the build?

Mr Tuckwell wanted the building to be galvanised to fit in with the surrounding buildings and to benefit from the minimum 70 years of steelwork protection that you get with galvanising.

1000T Grain Store with concrete panels to a height of 3M.

Why did you choose Graham Heath Construction?

“We had a recommendation from Pilkington Farms for the first building we had from Graham Heath Construction in 2017 and it went from there. We’re happy with the whole process from the quality of the buildings to the service received – being informal throughout.”

Are there any features of your building that you are particularly pleased with?

“The quality of workmanship and progress in erecting the building” One of our erectors managed to erect it in just 2 weeks!

How has Graham Heath Construction made a difference?

“Every aspect of the process has been very easy and personalised. I have been made to feel like an individual not just a number.”

Any other comments you may have

“The sales team are always very nice and friendly.”

Roof cladding on this 80’ x 60’ x 20’ grain store is Natural Grey Fibre Cement and cladding to both sides and gable ends is in Juniper Green. Concrete panels, manufactured and supplied by Graham Heath Construction’s sister company Concrete Panel Systems were also fitted to both sides and gable ends and these were 140mm thick, to a height of 3m.

A roller shutter door has been fitted in the centre of one of the gable ends as well as a personnel door to the right of this.

Do you need a quote for a grain store or other steel framed building? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 01270 781158 or request your free quote here.

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