Case Study: Cheshire Retirement Livery

Cheshire Retirement Livery

Cheshire Retirement Livery are located in the beautiful countryside in Betley, Cheshire, with stunning views surrounding their farm. Owned and run by both David and Jane Berrisford, Cheshire Retirement Livery has been going since early 2011. The farm takes care of over 140 retired horses; whether old race horses or older pets which now need a new home, Mr & Mrs Berrisford take care of these beloved horses day in, day out. They have a team of 10 to help them out with the feeding, cleaning and general maintenance of the yard and horses.

Indoor Stables in 2011
One out of the 140 retired horses.

It all began back in 2011 when they got in touch with our team to discuss new stables. We supplied a range of stable blocks and tack room area, which is housed inside a steel frame barn with timber cladding. This building houses up to 16 horses. At the time, this was all Cheshire Retirement Livery needed alongside small housing they already had in place. However, as the years went on, they took on more retired horses and were in need of expanding further. View the gallery here.

Equestrian Building in 2016

In 2016 they returned back to our team to order two steel framed buildings with timber cladding and concrete panel partitions, which would each go on to house 35 horses. These two buildings were constructed adjacent to their stable blocks, and mirror one another to have a road/walkway in the middle. To the back of each building are concrete panel partitions where the horses will gather in the winter, whilst the team clean out the barns. View the gallery here.

Cheshire Retirement Livery
100′ x 40′ x 15′ Equestrian Building in 2019

Three years later, David Berrisford has come back to us to order another equestrian building, which is almost identical to the previous two constructed in 2016. The farm is separated by the M6, with one side housing the above buildings; however, when you make your way over the bridge which crosses the M6, you’ll arrive at the other half where their home is located, alongside this new 100′ x 40′ x 15′ equestrian building. View the gallery here.


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