Case Study: Homestead Farm in Wakefield

Homestead Farm Case Study

We recently completed an 80′ x 60′ x 20′ straw shed for Homestead Farm in Wakefield. We got in touch with Janet, who has been running the farm since she was just 16 years old, to help out with the family. Janet kindly shared her story with us and let us in on how Homestead Farm began.

“Although farming has been part of our family for generations, Homestead Farm is a relatively new farm. My Grandmother purchased the smallholding with money she inherited as her share of her father’s farm.

“My father became a milkman and also helped on local farms, marrying a farmer’s daughter, my Mum, who also took milk around the locality. They gradually bought some land and kept pigs and poultry and when I left school at 16, I worked on the farming side of the business, gradually moving from pigs to cattle.

“Over the last 40 years we managed to develop the farm to include 135 acres of owned land, and 115 acres of rented land. However, in the last four or five years, local development has seen almost 100 acres of our rented land lost to housing, so we have been forced to concentrate on the beef enterprise.

“Our buildings have been erected over the years and are all grouped together in the farmyard. We needed more space for our growing cattle enterprise, but were also very concerned that our big straw barn was right in the middle of our cattle sheds, and should a fire occur, it would spell disaster for the whole yard.

“We decided the most sensible thing to do would be to build a new straw barn well away from other buildings in a field previously used for cropping. There were no special design requirements other than to leave one end ready for any future extension.

“We are pleased with the overall look of the building. The field is right next to and overlooked, by the M1 motorway, and so the building is very easily seen. It blends into its surroundings and is visually attractive. We are very happy with the building process in general.

“The only slight disappointment was due to some of the direct suppliers’ shortcomings. We were 3 roofing sheets short and one of the crank ridges was of a faulty profile. The roofing sheets delayed the erectors while they sourced some more, but the ridge was used as it was. However, we were happy with the way Kelly dealt with the problem when we told her.

“We first heard of Graham Heath Construction by doing an internet search. We chose the firm out of several that were considered, because they were very helpful in the planning stage; they were able to provide what we wanted at a cost that was acceptable to us and in the required time frame. We would certainly recommend anyone to consider them in the future.”

The straw shed is 80′ x 60′ x 20′ in size and was painted green with steel purlins. Roof cladding is Natural Grey fibre cement with 6 roof lights. To finish the building off, one gable end is cladded to square to eaves with 150 x 25 tanalised timber.

We must say, everyone at Homestead Farm has been a pleasure to work with. We’re pleased to have supplied yet another straw shed to a happy customer. Do you need a quote for your building? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 01270 781158, or request your free quote below. View all images here.

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