Case Study: Light ivory and terracotta barn for Dalton Moor Farm

We recently designed, manufactured and erected this 18m x 18m x 3.5m multipurpose building with 6’ cantilever at Dalton Moor Farm in County Durham. The lovely cladding and roof colours were chosen so that the barn would blend in with the other buildings on the approach to the farm.

Roof cladding in terracotta

Dalton Moor Farm is a vegan organic fruit farm which covers 24 acres and has been in operation for 9 years.  All the farm’s products, including cider, fruit juice and preserves are made by hand, with most of the ingredients being grown on the farm.  Dalton Moor Farm sells from the farm, online and also supplies local shops, food businesses, cafes and hotels.

Light ivory cladding for the sides and gable ends

We got in touch with owner Jenny Connor to ask a few questions about her new building and experience with us at Graham Heath Construction. We were also interested to hear more about her wonderful business, which additionally includes sustainable living education – foraging walks, mindfulness, dancing and movement, drumming circles and much more!

Inside the barn with roof lights, concrete flooring and Jenny’s dalmation!

What is your business aim/vision?

“Develop our School of Sustainable Living and on-site rustic off-grid accommodation. Become as self-sufficient as possible for energy, water and food, provide opportunities for our community to learn self-reliance.”

What is the reason for and purpose of your new building?

“To provide space for storage, food/drink production and training.  Possibly a shop/ cafe/ tasting room / visitor centre.”

Inside the barn with roller shutter doors in terracotta

Were there any specific material or design requirements for the build?

A view of the barn on approach to the farm

“Yes. I needed it to be sympathetic to the existing historic buildings of the farm, hence the colour choices for the wall (cream) and roof (terracotta) cladding. Steel building was required for the council’s prior permission.” 

Jenny also decided to opt for galvanised steel – a great choice for added steelwork protection.

What were the aims and objectives of the build?

“To provide sufficient space, to be value for money, to be of superior quality, erection to be included, to meet the aesthetic requirements of the site.”

Why did you choose Graham Heath Construction?

“Design and cost met expectations, availability of colour options, team at GH politely persisting with me during years of trying to progress the project, always helpful.”

Rainwater harvesting tanks lined up ready to be positioned and connected

Are there any features of your building that you are particularly pleased with?

“Its appearance is stunning. Size is great.”

Front view of the barn with light ivory cladding and doors in terracotta

How has Graham Heath Construction made a difference?

“As above- this project has been difficult and slow to progress, but the team at GH have neither harassed me nor forgotten me.”

We’re delighted to hear how happy Jenny is with her new barn and love the colours that have been chosen – quite different to the usual colours that are supplied. It has been a pleasure to work with Jenny and we will be following all of her exciting business activities on Dalton Moor Farm’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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