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Graham Heath Construction and The Mikhno Group Announce Partnership to Manufacture Eco-Buildings

In an exciting development, Cheshire-based construction company, Graham Heath Construction (GHC) have announced that they will be working in partnership with specialist commercial energy consultants, The Mikhno Group, to manufacture steel framed eco-buildings for the agricultural and industrial sectors.  For over 20 years, GHC have been manufacturing high-quality steel-framed buildings.  Having reviewed their own green credentials […]

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Posted on 07/04/2017 by GH Construction

Graham Heath Construction completes massive biomass project for Eddie Stobart

We recently announced the completion of one of our biggest projects to date, a 1000m sq. industrial biomass boiler housing unit and wood chip store at logistics giant, Eddie Stobart’s, Widnes site.

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Posted on 19/01/2017 by GH Construction

Graham Heath Construction Joins the UK’s Call for More Skilled Subcontractors

Construction and engineering companies throughout the UK are reporting a massive shortfall in appropriately-skilled workers. Graham Heath Construction joins the throng with urgent requirements for subcontracting construction workers with steel erecting experience.

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Posted on 29/01/2016 by GH Construction

Grain Store – Creating The Perfect Storage Solution

Planning for harvest is a lot like planning for Christmas. You spend months preparing, sewing, growing and harvesting and then once it’s complete, the process must begin again. With many crops taking some 11 months to grow, it is essential that all of that hard work is followed through by providing the perfect storage solution. […]

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Posted on 17/11/2015 by GH Construction

Renewable Heat Incentive to end in April 2016- Smeaton Wood Energy Guest Blog

The renewable heating industry has been warned that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is expected to end on 1st April 2016. This means that it’s effectively now or never for any business or individual looking to secure the highly lucrative RHI payments for the next 20 years.

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Posted on 28/10/2015 by GH Construction

Preparing for Winter at UK Dairy Day

The farming industry turned out in its thousands for another impressive UK Dairy Day on Wednesday 16th September. Along with farmers putting plans in place for the imminent winter weather, the Graham Heath Construction team embraced the autumnal weather, helped by layers of branded jackets, fleeces and hats… Well, those that were left after being […]

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Posted on 18/09/2015 by GH Construction

What are the different attributes between steel framed and wooden frame buildings?

When you’re building on a large scale, a common decision to be made is that between using wood and using steel for the framing of a building. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer which determines which is the superior choice. Instead, the decision should be weighed on a number of different criteria, which you’re […]

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Posted on 14/12/2014 by GH Construction

GHC are proud to be CE registered

Here at Graham Heath Construction (GHC), we have been supplying agricultural, industrial and equestrian customers with top quality materials and buildings for more than 18 years. Specialising in steel framed constructions and concrete materials, we have designed and constructed in excess of 7000 buildings. Each of these projects is approached by the architectural team as […]

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Posted on 01/10/2014 by GH Construction

Steel framed buildings and their many uses

Graham Heath Construction (GHC) is a family-run business that has more than 18 years experience in steel framed building construction. Over the years, we have been responsible for more than 7,000 projects across a wide range of applications for customers from various agricultural, industrial and equestrian businesses. Our scope of different constructions illustrates the numerous […]

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Posted on 25/09/2014 by GH Construction

Steel framed buildings provide cost effective housing for your biomass boiler

In just about every corner of society, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the environmental impact that their lives have. This is not only becoming apparent in the lives of individuals but also of businesses whose carbon footprints can sometimes be colossal. One common step which people are taking to reduce the impact they have […]

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Posted on 20/09/2014 by GH Construction



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