Creating the Perfect Grain Storage Solution

Planning for harvest is a continual cycle. You spend months preparing, sewing, growing and harvesting and then once it’s complete, the process must begin again.  With many crops taking 11 months to grow, it is essential that your hard work is supported with the perfect storage solution.


There are many external factors that can affect a crop once it is in storage; from moisture, fungi, mites and general hygiene, through to pests and structural issues, such as bowing walls and leaking roofs.  It is therefore essential that suitable storage conditions are created to minimise waste and maximise returns.

Storing grain in tired buildings that allow access to the elements will only cause problems.  Damp conditions act as a breeding ground for many species of insects and although drying the grain after combining will slow down insect development, it is essential that moisture content is kept to 12% to minimise the risk. The structure itself is a vital factor and requires careful consideration.

A new grain store will offer a clean, dry, well-ventilated and watertight construction – but how is this achieved?  High quality CE Marked steel and materials will prevent rain and other such weather penetrating the building.  Quality roofing will also reduce or eliminate birds and pests from gaining access.

Concrete panels are a key feature in a Graham Heath Construction Grain Store.  They are easy to clean, hygienic and exceptionally durable, withstanding the force of a grain harvest with ease.  Concrete panels are also quick and easy to install, simply slotting in between steel supports.

From the steel frames to the concrete panels, the key elements of every Graham Heath Construction building are produced at the business’ UK based site.  Graham Heath Construction always strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, value-for-money solution and have the following offers available:

Grain Store Offer 1:         120ft x 60ft x 22ft     –      £53,500

Grain Store Offer 2:         80ft x 60ft x 18ft       –     £37,995