GH Construction Are Now CE Registered!

Here at Graham Heath Construction, we have been supplying agricultural, industrial and equestrian customers with top quality materials and buildings for more than 18 years. Specialising in steel framed buildings and concrete materials, we have designed and constructed in excess of 7000 buildings. Each of these projects is approached by the architectural team as a distinct job with its own unique requirements and the results are bespoke builds designed to the exacting specifications of the customer.

Being a family run business, there is a set of core values in place which puts a strong emphasis on the very particular needs of agricultural and equestrian customers by delivering, quality, industry leading buildings at affordable prices.

Why CE Registered?

As well as taking pride in every building project we undertake, GHC also boasts being fully CE registered.

Since 01 July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR) EU law has made it obligatory for manufacturers to apply CE markings to all of their concrete products which are covered by a harmonised European Technical Assessment (ETA) or European standard (EN) and since July 2014 the markings now have to be applied to steel framed buildings also.

This means that constituent products such as steel beams and bolts come under the regulations and in the UK the penalties for not complying with the laws are harsh. In fact, some offences under the CPR rules can result in a fine, imprisonment or even both!

The harmonised standard covering fabricated structural steelwork is BS EN 1090: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures.

Impact on Customers

The CPR laws mean that customers can be assured that a firm providing fabricated elements and systems made from CE Marked products are fully regulated by making sure they are CE registered.

Before the most recent phases of the regulations were implemented, businesses could comply with the standard on a voluntary basis. As it is now a mandatory requirement, choosing a supplier has become easier than ever before because it is not only manufacturers who are affected by the new legal obligations. Distributors and importers of construction products used within the EU must also comply and this means it is easy for customers to check whether they’re getting materials of the right standard or not.

GHC owner Graham Heath has full control over the design, supply and manufacture of every stage of our award winning buildings and GHC is now one of the largest agricultural and equestrian building producers in the UK. With many clients located across all four corners of the UK, we show our dedication to the agricultural and equestrian world by proudly declaring our full CE registration.

With aims of providing quality, value and durability, the extra confidence that CE registered status brings means our customers can be assured they are making the right choice when they choose GHC.