Graham Heath Construction and The Mikhno Group Announce Partnership to Manufacture Eco-Buildings

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In an exciting development, Cheshire-based construction company, Graham Heath Construction (GHC) have announced that they will be working in partnership with specialist commercial energy consultants, The Mikhno Group, to manufacture steel framed eco-buildings for the agricultural and industrial sectors. 

For over 20 years, GHC have been manufacturing high-quality steel-framed buildings.  Having reviewed their own green credentials and energy expenditure, GHC recognised that there was an opportunity to help UK farmers and industry tackle their spiralling energy costs by installing rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar panels as part of the construction process of their steel-framed buildings.  The electricity generated will be used onsite and can also provide an additional source of income.

The benefits of solar PV technology are well-documented and include reduced energy costs, enhanced value of buildings and land, improved energy rating and reduced carbon footprint.

Speaking about the launch of their eco-buildings, Paul Hanson, General Manager, GHC said: “We believe that the construction of our buildings and renewable energy solutions go hand-in-hand.  We will continue to manufacture buildings of the highest-quality but with the additional benefits that are delivered by a renewable energy solution, in order to provide the agricultural market with a more cost-effective, safer, cleaner and more efficient source of energy.  We firmly believe that renewable energy will play an increasingly important role in the sustainability of UK agriculture and industry and are therefore fully committed to making solar energy accessible to these markets.”

GHC will be responsible for delivering every phase of an eco-build, from the initial site assessment, through to the design, project management and building erection.  As part of this complete process, the solar panel installation will be completed by an experienced MCS accredited installation team from the Mikhno Group.

With a decade of experience behind them, the Mikhno Group have worked with some one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers as well as many regional housing associations and are therefore well positioned to be working in partnership with GHC to offer these specialised technologies.

“We estimate that our solar PV panels can reduce your electricity bill by up to 60%* (*based on annual usage and consumption).  Due to the substantial cost-savings, renewable energy is certainly an attractive business proposition,” said Paul Stoker, Managing Director, Mikhno Group.

Paul continued: “The panels are easily installed on the vast majority of commercial rooftops.  They require very little maintenance and are guaranteed for the complete 20 years.”

The price for a solar PV system varies depending upon the size of the system required.  There are various purchasing options available, including outright purchase, lease purchase using a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) with a return on investment payback period or alternatively a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which alleviates the need for any upfront capital investment.  Each of these options provide differing benefits.

To celebrate the launch of their eco-buildings, GHC will be offering fully-funded solar PV installations to every customer who places an order before the end of May 2017.

Further information about Graham Heath Construction can be found at or by calling: 01270 781158.