Graham Heath Construction’s Apprentice Draughtsman First Building

Graham Heath Construction’s Apprentice Draughtsman First Building Gets Delivered!🎉


Graham Heath Construction welcomed their fifth Trainee back in 2022, one of whom Miles Chipling – their trainee Draughtsman. His role at Graham Heath Construction as a trainee will offer him all the support and career progression required to progress as the budding draughtsman he is.

Miles’s current responsibility at Graham Heath Construction is to design the foundation plans for all steel frame buildings which are manufactured by Graham Heath Construction at their Cheshire-based site. Since the start of his role at Graham Heath Construction, Miles has proved he’s extremely talented in his role and is now celebrating the arrival of his first building!

Miles’s work on the building has been checked and approved by Senior Draughtsman at Graham Heath Construction, Duane Roberts. Now, the building has been manufactured on-site and is ready to be delivered to the customer where Miles will get to see his first creation as a Draughtsman.

Speaking about Miles’s progress on the programme and his first build, Paul Hanson, General Manager, said: “Since joining us back in June 2022, Miles has become an integral part of the drawing team. In March 2023 he was moved up from being a Trainee Draughtsman on an apprentice programme, to actually drawing buildings which would then go on to be built and delivered like today. His enthusiasm , and eagerness to learn is great quality to have and has allowed Miles to progress much faster than we expected.”

Following on, Miles had his say on the experience: “I’m very grateful to Duane, Alex and Nigel for investing the time into training me up. They have taught me so much in such short space of time and this has allowed me to advance as far as I have.”

The team at Graham Heath Construction are very pleased for Miles and the success of his first build, and look forward to the continued value his work will bring to the company

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