Grain Stores

Grain Stores are one of our most popular type of agricultural buildings we supply each year. No matter the scale, big or small, grain stores are what our customers want. We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying grain stores for over 19 years’; whether it’s a standard ‘off the shelf’ design for those who are unsure which size grain store they want, or a fully bespoke package for those who know exactly what they want. We can design every little detail to match all your requirements, but of course, we’ll offer our advice where needed.

We understand everything there is to know about correct grain and seed storage. To store grain correctly, it is crucial that farmers choose an appropriate building which offers a dry environment which can be regularly aerated. Our team have considerable knowledge in grain storage, which means they can offer advice when quoting your new build. 

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Grain Store Gallery Feature Image
Grain Store Gallery Feature Image

We’ve supplied every style of grain store across the nation; to the heights of Scotland, all the way down to Cornwall, and even to our locals in South Cheshire & Staffordshire. No grain store is too big or too small, or even too far to deal with. We supply nationwide and will quote any request which comes our way. 

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All our structural steelwork is fabricated at our workshops in Wrenbury, South Cheshire, to British approved UKCA Marking standards. Find out more here.

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