Introducing HIGHLIGHT Cladding: For Natural Ventilation & Light

Marwood Arena Case Study

When enquiring about a steel frame building from ourselves, our team walk you through every element of a building to discuss what you’re after. From the all-important ‘paint or galvanised?’, through to the finer details such as guttering – our team ensure they have all the information they need to quote you for a building that meets all your requirements. With that, cladding is another element our team will discuss with you.

HIGHLIGHT cladding may be a type of cladding you’ve never heard of before, so let us introduce you to why we’re suddenly receiving an influx of enquiries…

In October 2018, some of the team headed North for the official opening of one our valued customers, who project-managed a large indoor riding arena in County Durham. If you’re familiar with our work, you may have already come across this project many of times before, but if not, then you should check out our case study of Marwood Arena. For this indoor riding arena, they opted for HIGHLIGHT cladding, which offers natural ventilation and light for livestock and equestrian buildings.

Marwood Arena Case Study
Marwood Arena using HIGHLIGHT cladding on the walls.

What is HIGHLIGHT cladding?

It’s a perforated steel-side cladding sheet which gives excellent ventilation and natural light. It is manufactured from pre-galvanised steel coil which is polyester painted on both sides. The choice of paint colour is up to you (limited options available), which the popular Juniper Green remaining in the mix.

The perforation is in a set pattern, which is then profiled and cut to the customer’s required length. It is a product which has been going for over a decade throughout the UK, but only over the last 12 months have we seen a big an influx in enquiries – all thanks to our recent work on the Marwood Arena. You can watch a full drone video of the project here.

Marwood Equestrian & Equestrian Surfaces 2
HIGHLIGHT cladding from the exterior.

When it comes to designing your equestrian or livestock buildings, ventilation is a key point to consider. Ventilation and light have huge benefits for the well being of your animals, therefore investing in the correct materials is key.

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