MOT Test Station & Workshops

One of the first things you need to consider when you begin to think about setting up a business is your premises. The kind of building you use for your operations is extremely important, but this is particularly so when your business is practically based. Thinking specifically about an MOT centre or a workshop of some kind, the building needs to be just right.

Choosing the right building is important but the criteria you use to help you choose doesn’t need to be complicated. Here, we take a look at several things to look for in a building for an MOT test station or workshop.


There’s rarely a good reason for business owners to pay more than they need to for the building they work from. This puts MOT stations in a great position, because they don’t need to pay for much. While there’s a fair amount of equipment which needs to be brought into the building, the shell itself can be simple.

Unlike offices or more customer-orientated workplaces, there’s no need to spend money on making the place look smart. A simple steel shell will suffice, allowing you to put your money into other parts of your business.

Easy To Erect

If the work you’re doing is only on a temporary basis, it makes no sense to spend money creating a permanent structure. Instead, a workshop can be made from materials which are not only easy to erect, but also easy to dismantle. The secure shell which you’ll be using should provide the perfect space only for as much time as you require.

Whether you choose to erect the building once again at another time of year, or even in another place, is entirely up to you. This is a benefit which doesn’t come when using permanent structures.


Just because a building is affordable and temporary doesn’t mean it can’t be secure at the same time. When you’re storing a wide range of equipment, as well as customers’ vehicles, in the shop overnight, it’s important that you can trust your premises to keep intruders out.

This calls for solid materials which can provide a deterrent against criminals looking for an easy job. Just as farmers make use of steel structures to take care of their equipment and their livestock, such structures can also prove to be a wise choice for pop-up workshops.

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