NEW Agricultural building in Derbyshire – Case Study

The client:

Martin Fountain.


Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire

Building type:

100′ X 40′ X 15′


Martin recently approached Graham Heath Construction for a quotation on a new building. Having a few other building companies within the area, he did have a few options of suppliers however, he had seen one of our buildings, it was exactly what he wanted! After supplying Martin with a new steel framed building, completing the foundations, and erection of the building, we wanted to stop by, check it out and give him a bottle to celebrate the shed! So, we did just that!

The Build..

Operating for 40 years on the 10 acre site, Martins focus is on the broiler houses and equine horse breeding. With winters months looming, Martin was keen to make life easier and bring the hay to the horses rather than taking it to the rings in the fields.

We designed and built a 100’ x 40’ x 15’ agricultural building with 2m high concrete panel partitions with panels from our sister company, Concrete Panel Systems. These sectioned off bays give him a separate space to park the horse boxes, leaving the rest of the building to house the straw, hopefully making Martin’s life easier!

We provided Martin with a slate blue fibre cement roof so it was in keeping with his existing poultry buildings, with plenty of rooflights to let the natural daylight in. The steelwork was also slate blue so it matches great!

He wanted 2m high concrete panels with Yorkshire boarding to ensure good airflow and the concrete panels are a great security measure.

Why did you choose Graham Heath Construction?

“Local folk, other suppliers had a really long lead time and Graham Heath Construction were cheaper! All in all nothing was ever too much hassle and Graham was top throughout the process”

The building took a mere 6 days to build, with the erectors putting in long days to get it finished, its nice to see we have a happy customer on our hands!

2m high concrete panels from our sister company, Concrete Panel Systems

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