Cost-Effective Housing For Your Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boiler

In just about every corner of society, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the environmental impact that their lives have. This is not only becoming apparent in the lives of individuals, but also of businesses whose carbon footprints can sometimes be colossal. One common step which people are taking to reduce the impact they have on […]

Advantages of Box Profile Cladding On Farm Buildings

Box Profile Cladding

When constructing farm buildings for a working farm, it is vital that they offer the best levels of performance – and this means choosing the right materials. The two main options for use on the roof or cladding are fibre cement and box profile cladding, with the latter offering numerous benefits to farmers. Speaking to […]

Mickey Heath on Graham Heath’s Sponsorship

Micky Heath Sponsorship

As a dedicated business operating over numerous divisions, Graham Heath Construction is proud to support local clients and customers. In addition to the great work we do within the construction industry, we’re also proud to be sponsors of numerous individuals at pivotal events. Here we look at what at our sponsorship of Mickey Heath in the […]

New Biomass Regulations in April 2014

Biomass Boiler

Biomass power has a key role in the UK’s energy generation policy and in April 2014, new biomass regulations are set to be introduced which will have a far reaching impact across the country. For farmers who currently receive subsidies for generating energy using ‘green’ methods, this legislation will mean they need to prove that […]

Prepare Your Farm Building for Flooding

Farm Flood Prevention

The ferocious UK weather is currently making history with flooding causing untold misery to the lives of thousands. For those working in the farming industry, the impact of such damage is immeasurable. With insurance falling short and no compensation offered, farmers find themselves liable for ruined crops, property repairs and the cost of protecting their […]

Advantages of Steel Framed Farm Buildings

Advantages of Steel Framed Buildings

The UK’s recent bad weather has proved a powerful reminder of the importance of having strong and durable farm buildings. The key to ensuring that your farm buildings are economically viable and long lasting remains in choosing high quality materials that can resist threats to its longevity. Often appearing in residential structures, steel framed buildings are […]