Case Study: Penycoed Riding Arena in Oswestry

Penycoed Riding Arena

Yet another case study is here for your enjoyment. We like to team up with willing customers once their building is complete, to provide our audience i.e. you, with more background information into their project; why they chose that particular building, what their goals were, more about their chosen materials and then of course, why did they choose us? Below is a case study regarding a riding arena we completed back in 2016. We may be a little late on the bandwagon this time around, but it’s always worth the wait!

What was your main goal with choosing this new riding arena?

Penycoed has been open since 1971, and the outdoor arena was built back in 1993 with a surface of wood chippings, which was replaced with sand and rubber at another date. Now, Penycoed is a dedicated riding center and a new riding arena was on the agenda! The new, fully enclosed indoor arena was vital in keeping the lessons running all year round, no matter the weather.

Penycoed Riding Centre 1

Tell us a bit more about Penycoed Riding Centre.

Penycoed has been established for over 47 years and offers lessons for RDA Colleges (Riding for the Disabled) and local private schools. They’re open 7 days a week, offering lessons all day, every day.

What concerns did you have with the design/planning process, if any?

“We had no issues with design and planning; the customer service was very helpful and they [Graham Heath Construction] were fast at replying”. The main work which had to be completed first, was five weeks of quarrying out the hard limestone hill outside the stables, before the construction team could begin erecting the 41m x 21m fully enclosed indoor arena.

Were there any specific material or design requirements for the new building?

Penycoed Riding Centre needed high concrete panels due to building up against a hill. They also needed the arena to be fully enclosed for all weather permitted riding. These were supplied by Concrete Panel Systems; UK manufacturers of prestressed concrete panels.

Penycoed Riding Centre 1

How did you find out about Graham Heath Construction?

“We heard of Graham Heath Construction through word of mouth and are currently putting in for planning permission for an American Barn which we will be using Graham Heath Construction for”.

Were you pleased with the outcome?

“We, and the customers, have been extremely happy with the build quality and end result”.

Penycoed Riding Centre 1
Penycoed Riding Centre 1

Would you like to find out more about them? Visit their Facebook page here.

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