Spring into Action & Plan Your Grain Store with Graham Heath Construction

GHC Grain Stores - Spring Campaign 2018

Month after month is spent planning for harvest – it’s a never-ending cycle if you ask us. You’ve got sewing, growing and harvesting, and once all that is complete, you’re back on repeat. What’s the one thing that would make this continuous cycle more bearable? Grain Storage.

In our previous post all about creating the perfect grain storage solution, we discussed the various external factors that have a negative impact on your crop once it’s in storage. To name a few: moisture, general hygiene and structural issues were just a few to bear in mind. That’s why planning ahead and creating a solid grain storage solution is vital. That’s where we come in. We have an expert team who can help you plan the perfect grain store to suit all your requirements.

How Do I Take Care of My Grain Storage?

It’s all well and good designing, planning and building a brand-new grain store, but if you don’t manage it correctly, then it’d all be for nothing. So, what can you do to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maintain and manage your grain store?

Moisture Management

This is vital for ensuring you can prevent spoilage in stored grain. Both temperature and moisture interact with one another to provide ideal conditions for fungi.

Temperature Control

Fungal and insects as an example, are controlled by temperature. At temperatures found in grain stores, biological activity of insects, fungi and grain itself, doubles for every 10ºC rise in temperature. If you weren’t aware, insect breeding stops at low temperatures and there’s less moisture available for potential pests in cold grain too. Therefore, when grain is put into your grain store, it should be cooled immediately to prevent insects breeding and your grain spoiling.

What Can a New Grain Store by GH Construction Offer You?

  • A clean, dry & well-ventilated area
  • Watertight construction with our CE Marked steel & materials
  • High quality roofing to eliminate pests & birds
  • Hygienic, durable & easy-to-clean concrete panels by our sister company Concrete Panel Systems


If the above sounds great to you, you may be interested in our current grain store offers showcased below. Got a question about these? Don’t hesitate to call our team today for a chat on 01270 781158

GHC Grain Stores - Spring Campaign 2018