Steel Framed Buildings & Their Many Uses

Graham Heath Construction is a family-run business that has more than 18 years experience manufacturing & erecting steel framed buildings. Over the years, we have been responsible for more than 7,000 projects across a wide range of applications for customers from various agricultural, industrial and equestrian businesses. Our scope of different constructions illustrates the numerous uses that steel framed buildings can be put to and why their unique characteristics make them a perfect solution for so many clients. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Agricultural Buildings

Whether it is for a brand new standalone construction or an addition for an existing building using steel frames is a popular choice in the agricultural sector. Livestock buildings such as cowsheds, storage spaces for grain or silage and all types of general-purpose buildings can benefit from the cost effective and fast construction capabilities of steel framed buildings supplied by Graham Heath.

Industrial buildings

A scrap metal yard that needs to consider both security and accessibility in equal measure or perhaps a warehouse that has to put overall volume capacity at the heart of its design are both excellent examples of how steel frames can benefit a wide range of industrial buildings. From MOT test stations through to more general retail units or workshops, the flexibility that designers can have when creating plans using steel frame construction techniques mean that costs can be kept down and construction timetables are met.

Equestrian buildings

As manufacturers of high quality equestrian structures, GH Construction and Sister Company, Graham Heath Equestrian, has worked with some of the biggest names in show jumping and horse racing throughout the UK.

A full range of specific and multi-purpose buildings, from traditional and modern stable blocks through to field shelters and arenas of all sizes, have been erected across with modular steel frame systems providing a versatile and effective solution. This can be of great use in an industry that needs to consider durability and solid construction alongside the need for the right type of working environment. When designing any type of equestrian building, location, size, feed storage, lofty heights and ventilation are all elements which can benefit from the freedom that steel framed structures bring to both planning and construction phases.

At GH Construction, we are proud to offer bespoke steel framed buildings for a variety of uses and industries – helping our clients get the high quality results that they demand.