Case Study: New Straw Shed & Livestock Sheds in Blithbury!

Straw Shed Gallery Image 1

Customer loyalty is what we like to see here at Graham Heath Construction. A strong amount of our monthly custom comes from previous customers returning to us for another agricultural or general purpose shed, or a new industrial unit, or expanding with yet another riding arena. We of course welcome new customers with welcome arms, but returning customers is something we appreciate – plus it shows we did the job right first time around!Straw Shed Gallery Image 1

A current example is for a farm in Blithbury, Staffordshire which is located roughly one hour away from our headquarters in Wrenbury, Cheshire. Last year we designed, manufactured and supplied a straw shed for this local farm, which now stands proud on the farm. As of recently, the same customer called us up requesting two new agricultural buildings to sit at the side of this straw shed. These two large buildings will eventually go on to house over 1,000 pigs, making it one hell of a project for us!

Pig Shed Gallery Image 2

Pig Shed Gallery Image 3

The straw shed was complete with Juniper Green cladding on one end, and at the eaves on the front. The pig sheds are still in progress, but are currently being erected with a grey steel frame (manufactured by us) and prestressed concrete panels. Keep coming back to see what future progress we’ve made!


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