The benefits of galvanised steelwork for your building

We were kindly invited for a factory tour of our supplier, Wedge Galvanisers, in Willenhall, West Midlands.

Wedge group galvanising is the UK’s largest hot dip galvanising organisation with 14 plants across the UK.

Our account managers took 2 of our sales members, Kelly and Andy round the factory, giving an impromptu and informative tour of the factory and their impressive production line. (Yes, you’ve seen it right, Andy is sporting the Hi-Viz and pink hard hat!)

Why do we galvanise our steelwork?

Longevity and maintenance free – Hot dipped galvanised structural steelwork will last well in most environments. It protects the steelwork for up to 70 years. It is the most economic and versatile way of protecting steel for long periods of time.

Competitive initial cost – Initially, galvanising steelwork is more expensive than steelwork being painted. However, as a lifetime costing for the paint, and labour, it works out cheaper as it is maintenance free!

Speed – our close working relationship with Wedge Galvanisers means we can request a 24-hour turnaround where needed!

All galvanising is to British Standard BS EN ISO 1461

Three-way protection! The coating weathers at very slow rate. Scratches are sealed by weather products from the zinc, the sacrificial protection prevents the sideways creep of rust. Complete coverage means all areas of the steel are coated, therefore no on site touch up needed!

In addition, we recently carried out a poll on Instagram to see whether users preferred galvanised or painted steelwork! The results were largely in favour of galvanised steel with 82% of the votes!

Our estimators can offer the option of galvanising on your quote as an extra over cost, you’ll be surprised at how competitive it is!

If you would like a free quote, get in touch with us today on 01270 781158, or complete the online quote form HERE

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