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The Mobile Age of Farming

Nearly fifteen years in to a new millennium, personal computers, laptops, the Internet, tablets, YouTube and smart phones dominate communication. As technology continues to evolve, these tools take more and more of an active role in the professional world, helping to collect and monitor data that helps brands to improve their outreach.

One group to have embraced this technological revolution in a big way is the farming community. Mobile apps are not only used practically (for example, apps can be used to provide improved data about the weather), but to promote family businesses by securing a reputation amongst the readership of large farming websites through social networking.

As we move in to the mobile age of farming it can be difficult for established family businesses to keep up. This article aims to provide information on how to use the latest technological advances to your advantage.

What Apps are Good for Me?

Thousands of farmers are turning to ICT (Information & communication technologies) tools to avoid the margin created by human error and many apps have been designed specifically to make life easier for landowners and animal keepers alike. By using apps as assessment tools and thus dispensing with paperwork, farmers can save themselves time, energy and cash. Using apps also allows farmers to focus on caring for livestock and raising crops rather than the bottom line.

Although something as simple as receiving improved data about weather at the touch of a button is proving invaluable in the face of the UK’s current erratic climate, apps become more sophisticated every day. For example, apps like farmGRAZE, farmMED and horseRATION can help farmers to streamline the amount of feed they buy based on grazing availability, maintain accurate medical records for their livestock and prevent horses from becoming overweight.

Are you in Touch with your Consumers?

The market has changed. With consumers expecting to reach out to suppliers and manufacturers by email, tweet and instant message it is no longer enough to have a phone number. Consumers want convenience and increased interaction with businesses and nowadays building up a rapport with your consumer base using social networking is essential to maintaining a healthy business portfolio.

A company blog, frequently asked questions section and a contact form on a company website can also help to increase engagement with clients and market your farming business.

To demonstrate the impact that digital media is having on the farming world a survey carried out by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), the leading organisation promoting sustainable food and farming, revealed that three quarters of farmers felt that the internet helped bring them closer together with consumers.

Six in ten farmers also argued that they had spent more time on social media, with the most popular platforms being Facebook (70%); Twitter (45%) and LinkedIn (24%).

Posted on 19/02/2014 by GH Construction



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