Types of Industrial Buildings Explained

Types of Industrial Buildings

At Graham Heath Construction, we may specialise in agricultural buildings, but we also manufacture, supply and have recommended teams of erectors for Industrial Buildings too. Whether it’s for small business use, or for a huge investment and business development, no build is too big or too small for Graham Heath Construction. Below are the types of industrial builds available:Industrial Steel Framed Building

  1. MOT Test Centre
    Looking to build an industrial unit to house an MOT Test Centre? Our steel framed buildings will be perfect for the job. We will provide you with a FREE quote based on all your requirements, which includes everything from the size of the build, down the finer details of which flashings you require. Our team will even advise you on certain elements of the build where they see fit. We work with dedicated partners who can supply personnel or roller shutter doors, plus cladding to the spec you require.
  2. Power House
    This is another purpose for industrial builds, one which our team are very familiar with. We are in the midst of producing a 126 x 52 x 19ft industrial steel frame building to house a number of gas turbines. The company who require these are an established energy project and have constructed over 200MW of utility scale plants since their start. They’ve now brought GHC on board to start the next development in their project.
  3. Retail Units
    This is one of the most popular purposes for an industrial building, and is one you will see erected on most Commercial or Industrial Estates. We manufactured the row of industrial units you will find on our sister company’s site based in Moorfields Industrial Estate in Staffordshire. These house small companies from joiners to mechanics, but also houses a Horizontal Re-Saw where TFC Supplies Ltd manufacture their own Feather Edge Boards.
  4. Manufacturing
    Our Cheshire-based site showcases the perfect example. We have manufactured and built a number of industrial sheds on our yard to house various departments; welders, joiners, machinery, concrete beds for our partner company – Concrete Panel Systems – who supply all your prestressed concrete panels, plus much more.
  5. Storage & Distribution
    Distribution Warehouses are primarily used to ship goods and are usually of a much larger scale. General Purpose Warehouses on the other hand can be much smaller and have a lower door to square footage ratio, as products aren’t being moved in and out of the building as often. An example of a purpose for a General Purpose Warehouse would be cold storage facilities. Lastly, you could also build an industrial shed for the likes of a Truck Terminal. This is where goods are transported from one truck to another and require little to no storage space.

Industrial Steel Framed Building

Do you need a quote for your planned build? We can help you with every element, including help with planning drawings for any planning applications. We have manufactured and supplied a vast number of Industrial Steel Framed Buildings throughout the UK to large companies and Industrial Estates, through to private individuals. Our team are on hand to assist and advise you on every step of your build. Get in touch with them today on 01270 781158 or email info@gh-construction.co.uk. Alternatively, you can submit your quote request via our online form here.

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