Case Study: The Team Visit Bidlea Dairy Ahead of New Business Launch!

Bidlea Dairy Gallery Feature Image

Back in March 2018, almost 1 year ago, some of the team made a visit to one of our valued customers; Bidlea Dairy in Holmes Chapel. We shared a blog post about that visit here, but today we wanted to share an update on the project, because it’s come a LONG way since last year.

Bidlea Dairy Case Study

When we first visited the family farm in Holmes Chapel, to the left is what we were greeted with. The steel frame structure was already in place and the side & gable end cladding was well underway. To get to this point took a mere couple of days for our chosen erecting team, despite the harsh weather conditions they were working in; early March last year we were greeted with the storm ‘Beast from the East’, yet our team of erectors soldiered through and did a brilliant job. The structure looked brilliant, but you’ll never guess what it looks like now!

On Friday 14th December 2018, Bidlea Dairy did their first opening day with the National Farmers Union and we were able to get a sneak peak at the inside of the building. From the outside you’re greeted with this stunning build, mixed with timber cladding and brick on the outside, with the family’s new company branding; Bidlea Dairy.

Bidlea Dairy

If you walk around the left side of the building, you can enjoy beautiful views of farmland and even Jodrell Bank in the background. That’s why the back of the build will be a favourite for many; accessible from the side and from inside, you will find a fantastic Viewing Balcony which the Brown Family were very keen on. From here, you can stand and enjoy a brew whilst watching the scenery which surrounds you – can we move here?!

Jodrell Bank at Bidlea Dairy

Bidlea Dairy

When you walk inside the building, you will be blown away by the colour; it’s bright, fun and simply looks brilliant. We managed to get a small tour where we saw various parts of the building. Not every room is complete yet, therefore some areas were off-bounds to all, but we will be planning another trip back once the official launch of Bidlea Dairy arrives!Bidlea Dairy

Bidlea Dairy

Bidlea Dairy New Branding

Are you excited to see more? You can view all current photographs of this project here, but follow us on Facebook or Instagram where we’ll announce the official launch and share more photos!

Project Background

Bidlea Dairy requested a 100 x 50 x 22ft shed with timber cladding to house their brand-new pasteurizing equipment. Once they have officially launched, they will be producing the likes of whole and semi-skimmed milk, flavoured milk and even cream. As the business grows and the family begin planning for the future, they hope to venture into making sports drinks to help expand their product range. Their focus will be to supply to local shops to support and build relationships with local businesses.

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